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siblings share vision in east austin

Texas native and descendants of migrant, farm-working, Latino families from Central Texas to the Rio Grande Valley, the Campos siblings learned to build a strong sense familia, community, and hard work! They each grew into their own lives and professions while living in different cities and states. However, along the way, each developed a craft and entrepreneurship only to realize that their paths would bring them to an exciting adventure down the road.

By 2002, one by one, each of the siblings made their way to Central Texas drawn by their shared love of Texas, Austin and the opportunity to connect upon the familia cohesiveness throughout the region. After years of watching Austin grow, especially in their neighborhood of East Austin, they spoke of hardships and limited opportunities, glass ceilings and experiences that changed how they viewed the world around them. The path led the four siblings together to dream and eventually to make their shared vision a reality in East Austin, a sense of belonging and coming home.

Los Campos: Laura, Saul, Lorena, and Paloma each held a piece of the puzzle that, once joined, started to become more and more visible. Their vision was to create a space and experience where confidence, beauty and lifestyle is created in various ways. A special place where you not only get gorgeous lashes and beauty services for all genders, but a space where local artists display art in a stylish eclectic setting, bringing together a unique ambiance to an event venue. As they searched for the right location, they knew it had to be in a vibrant, diverse community where everyone would feel welcomed and included. The community was an important component to their heritage & culture that would enhance style and innovation. The East side was a non-negotiable and the dream came alive!

Eastside Lash Company was born and opened in September 2021. Throughout the inaugural year of operation, the company is settling its roots with various events, community involvement, promotions and continues to expand their services to meet the needs of its clients and its community.

Stop in for a touch of confidence and beauty in a fun and indulgent setting. Keeping East Austin, the Eastside

BienVenidos y Adelante