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paloma campos

Our master stylist has worked in the industry for 9 years in Austin. She attended Avenue Five in 2013 to become a licensed esthetician and quickly took to lashing. To advance her career Paloma used her spare time and took extra classes to perfect her craft.

Paloma truly began her lash maturity at a prestigious salon from 2015 - 2017. She quickly mastered her skill and opened her own independent niche salon on Anderson Ln and in 2019 moved to West 5th. During this time, as a contributing force their clients, Paloma was acknowledged for her mastery and professionalism by continuing to utilize her experience in their salons during peak times in their business.

As COVID-19 hit in March 2020, Paloma found herself, like everyone else in the industry, confused and anxious about the future. Always being available to women in the industry, Paloma envisioned a creative space for lash stylists to feel supported, help each other generate confidence in their craft and to be able to build a true entrepreneurial environment. This led to a true collaboration with her siblings to create a space in the place her and her family call home, East Austin.

In the late summer of 2021, Paloma and her siblings finally opened the doors to Eastside Lash Company. A creative space that Paloma envisioned for not only clients to get lashes done, but lash techs to hone in on their craft with a training center they can call home. A space that encourages, uplifts, and builds a positive environment in the lash industry.

For Paloma, this is only the beginning…

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